Milos Greece Sea Kayaking Adventure 2016

Posted by Ross Boardman on Friday, September 30, 2016

As the person in front of me violently lowers their seat back to crush my laptop I am reminiscing about our week that was, my mind transported back to the beauty of the Greek Isles to help me survive this long haul flight………

Pete in Paddling Serenity

What a Trip!!!! …. Where do I start!!!....

The welcoming small volcanic Island of Milos sits between Athens and Crete and is a little bit off the main tourist routes. As a result it has more of a local feel and especially at this time of year is free of the large crowds. 

Small protected harbour we had all to ourselves for a swim

There are so many options for paddling itineraries here with protected shorelines to find in any wind direction and we made the most of a brilliant run in weather and wind conditions to explore a different part of the coast everyday.

The crew discussing our trip plan for the day 

We began the trip based at our beachfront hotel in central Adamas doing day tours for the first part of the week. This was a fantastic way to get used to the kayaks and the heat and left us with plenty of time to explore the Island on foot, taking in the ancient sites in the area including the site where the statue of Aphrodite (Venus de Milo) was discovered and the near by Island of Kimolos. 

Bev winning the "saltiest hat" contest

There was also ample opportunity to sample the local culinary delights of Greece with the group especially fond of one particular cocktail bar and ice cream shop for our nightly treats.


In camp the girls had to make do with wine attempting to be cooled by the ocean ;-)

Milos is one of the lucky islands in the Aegean that has a great resource in mining and we visited many parts of the coast (still in use as well as abandoned) used as loading bays to take the raw material from the island. 

Old loading bay area structure

Pete sneaking past one of the working loading bays

We even got the chance to explore one of the older disused mine shafts in a more remote area where you could still see the pick marks in the wall as it was all done by hand. As a safety precaution we did establish as a group who we would eat first in case we did get lost ;-)

Discarded equipment from a mine shutdown

The highlight of the islands scenery however is the plethora of amazing caves and archways that came in all shapes and sizes and which are of course best explored by sea kayak. I think we just about visited all of them as our local Guides Sue and Dave (Massive thanks Dave and Sue!) knew every intricate corner and slot to visit. 

Looking out always creates a great photo opportunity

With low swell on most days it was brilliant to play in the numerous rock gardens created by the erosion of various layers of rock in the cliffs and everyone’s boat handling skills were well tested.


When we saw an arch we couldn't resist but to go through it 

And they came in all shapes...

And sizes.....

And colours.....

After a rest day we packed up our gear and the kayaks for a three day, two night kayak/camping expedition to see a more inaccessible part of the island. Again the wind was kind and we got to see one of the most famous parts of the coast called Kleftico meaning “place of thieves”. 

Main archway at Kleftico

Anette enjoying our calm evening paddle to "the place of thieves"

This area was a favourite hiding place for pirates back in the day and you can see evidence of where they use to tie the ships up on the rocks.  

Set up at Kleftico camp ... 

Beach camping is one of my all time favourite things and it was super for us to get away from town and enjoy the peace and tranquility of camp sunsets and the waves lulling us to sleep.

simply stunning........

Our special Sea Kayak Jervis Bay tailored tour of Milos is the perfect combination of holiday and adventure and is definitely a place you should put on the bucket list.

Great conditions seemed to bless this group, especially on this crossing with Anitmilos in the background 12klm away

Adrian heading past unique volcanic features

The landscape was forever changing as different eruptions over thousands of years have laid down an assortment of colour in the rock

Our spot for lunch was created after the roof of this cave collapsed .. Glad I wasn't eating my cucumber sandwich then!

Norman and I storm'n in the double for the afternoon around Kleftico

Big Smiles means Happy Paddlers .... Bev cruising in her "Rainbow Warrior"

Dawn also enjoying the picture perfect paddling

Seeing the planet and its cultures by kayak allows you to slow the pace and really immerse yourself in the area you are visiting taking away not only amazing photos but a completely different perspective unique to you.

 The unique waterline perspective of a sea kayaker

A massive “Thank you” goes to Dave and Dawn, Norman and Jocelyn, Di and Bev, Peter and Adrian and Anette for the fun, laughs and spirit of adventure that was this years trip. If you are interested in coming with us to Milos again or one of our other travel destinations or would like to get into kayaking to be able to enjoy one of these adventures to the fullest then don’t hesitate to contact us or ….. we would love to host your dream trip ;-)

See you soon on the water....

 Tracy Gibson

A Paddler's Travels

Posted by Ross Boardman on Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sea Kayak Jervis Bay's Training and Tour Coordinator Tracy Gibson is about to head off on some paddling adventures of her own in the next few months and will be posting a few photos of her experiences here as she travels (and as she has internet connection ;-)

Making the most of her time away Tracy plans to kick things off with a paddle along the Sardinian Coast, then exploring to the Fjordlands of southwest Greenland before finally meeting our Milos team adventurers in Greece.

Always on the lookout for new itineraries for our Travel Holidays I'm sure there will be some new ideas upon returning.

Ross Boardman

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Holiday Planning Starts Now

Posted by Ross Boardman on Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Adventures for 2017 - Trip Planning Starts Now


If you're like us, you love to have a Holiday lined up and dates booked in advance so you have time to plan and save.

With our group just back from Ningaloo Reef and Trips for Greece and New Zealand later in the year we thought we would add to the list and start planning 2017.

We have had special requests for our Ningaloo Reef Adventure in Western Australia again and our Great Bear Rainforest Mothership Expedition in Canada so we have locked in some new dates for Travel Experiences ready for you to book.

Ningaloo Reef gives you the ultimate variety in a Holiday with a combination of Hiking, Snorkelling (yes with Whale Sharks too!!) and Sea Kayaking in a pristine and unique World Heritage Area.

The Wild West Coast of Australia, Ningaloo Reef the Ultimate Australian Adventure. Book Now for 2017

While our Tailored Mothership experience will see you exploring a truly remote part of our planet surrounded by majestic wilderness with more than a few luxuries thrown in on your floating home.

Our 2015 Great Bear Rainforest Group off the Goose Islands, British Columbia, Canada. Book Now for 2017

So if you are tossing up on something to do next year that is a little different, these trips will blow your mind, fill your spirit and tick all the boxes for reset and recharge that a Holiday needs to provide with a good helping of Adventure just to complete the package.

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